We are a young golf enthusiastic team. With Golf Post we pursue the goal of promoting golf in Germany as well as reporting up-to-date and close. We therefore offer exciting topics around current reports on professional tournaments. In addition to our editorial team, the users themselves have the opportunity to contribute to the content. The website has been online since mid-June 2012.

The golfer in the centre provides contrast in the overall perception and, with the dark green colour, deliberately embodies a familiar, noble element that harmonises with the natural landscape. With an elegant posture, he contemplates the perfect shot in contemplative relaxation. The dynamics of the moment of impact suggest self-satisfaction and create a positive mood.

With the claim of a German golf news portal, the word picture mark was coded with the colours of the German flag. The coding is done here with the help of little birds (= birdies). Since golf is all about flying and the best shots are a "birdie" or "eagle", the association is very obvious. The birds create another metaphorical bridge to modern news management, which would no longer be conceivable without services like Twitter. The Golf Post claim brings complementary attributes and provides information about three important criteria: Time = current, Motivation = independent and Emotion = close.